1 JUNE 2008

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Went west for the blast,

 returned back to the east

with the Holy Spirit interpreting this

unwritten Word.


GOD.OF.THIS.EVIL.AGE.title  JEFF.IN  V-4 N-9  65-0801M


it was not likely that God would

interpret His Word

to Cain's evil generation.


God would not interpret

His Word

to them.

ISAIAH 55:8-11

  8    For my thoughts [are] not your thoughts, neither [are] your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

  9    For [as] the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

  10    For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:

  11    So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper [in the thing] whereto I sent it.




  Now, we're living in a modern, scientific age and a know-it-all age,

 where everything's proved by science.

If you'll just go back in the Bible,

you'll find out that's just exactly the kind of age they had

before the antediluvian destruction.

All of you know that.

And the lineage of--of Cain's children become scientists.

The lineage of Seth's children was spiritual.

Those two different classes of people exist today:



 spiritual-minded people.

They should be working together.

But it's very contrary.



QA.HEBREWS.PART.3.title  JEFF.IN  COD  57-1006


Well, listen friend; religion is intellectual.


All the Cain's children has always had religion.

Those Jews had religion when Jesus come,

 but they rejected salvation.

ROMANS 11:11

  11    I say then, Have they stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but [rather] through their fall salvation [is come] unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy.


ACTS 2:22-23

  22    Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:

  23    Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain:


ACTS 2:37

  37       Now when they heard [this], they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men [and] brethren, what shall we do?



 SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY.title  PHOENIX.AZ  V-12 N-5  65-0118

  Judas and Jesus was just exactly a figure of Cain and Abel.

For as Judas was religious, so was Cain religious.

Cain built an altar; he made a sacrifice;

he worshipped God; he was just as sincere in it as the other one was.

But, you see,

he didn't have the

revelation of what the Word was.





Cain worshipped; Abel worshipped.

And if God only respects a church,

 its order, its worship, its offerings, and so forth,

 if that's all God respects,

 He was unjust for condemning Cain,

 'cause he was just as religious as Abel was.

But he didn't come the right way.


“God would not interpret His Word to them”.


TRYING.TO.DO.GOD.A.SERVICE.title  JEFF.IN  V-4 N-8  65-0718M

  God reveals this Word in the season and to whom He chooses to reveal It to.

God chooses who He reveals It to.

He chose that before the foundation of the world.

All of His doings were foreknown by Him,

hidden from man;

 He just reveals them as He will.

It is His chosen season,

His chosen person.

And He never did choose a party or sect;

it's a chosen person.





 you say,

 "Brother Jones or Brother So-and-so, he's--he's a great man.

He'll see it."

 Oh, no.

 He reveals It to whom He will.

 Say, "My wife don't see it, and she's a Christian woman."

 He reveals Himself to whom He will.


"Well, my pastor's a great man."

That's right,

 but He reveals Himself to whom He will.



GOD.OF.THIS.EVIL.AGE.title  JEFF.IN  V-4 N-9  65-0801M

Notice, it was not likely that God would interpret His Word to Cain's evil generation. Now,

 God would not interpret His Word to them.



DOES.GOD.CHANGE.HIS.MIND.title  JEFF.IN  V-5 N-9  65-0418E

  Now, we come in this day to the same thing again: the carnal denomination to the spiritual Bride of Christ.

The spiritual Bride of Christ is so much different from the carnal organizations

 till there's no comparison in them at all.



Cain said,

 "God, I believe in You. Certainly, I will bow down here."


"Lord, I believe in You. And I offer unto Thee this beautiful altar, this beautiful church. And I bring of my substance, and I tithe, and I kneel on my knees, and raise my hands to worship You, Jehovah.

Will you receive me?"

 Just as religious as he could be.

 But he failed to have the direct revelation.



TIME.OF.DECISION.title  LA.CA  59-0418

Abel had the revelation.



DOES.GOD.CHANGE.HIS.MIND.title  JEFF.IN  V-5 N-9  65-0418E


Abel, by faith, by revelation, no other way;

 there was no Bible written.

So you see,

the beginning of righteousness is God's revealed Truth,

and the entire church of the living God is built upon that.



GOD.OF.THIS.EVIL.AGE.title  JEFF.IN  V-4 N-9  65-0801M

  Children of disobedience means obedience...

 "Disobedience" means "rebellion."

 I looked that up in the dictionary to be sure. Rebellion, rebelling against what?

The revealed Word of God.

Like Cain revealed--rebelled against Abel's revealed revelation,

 vindicated of God that it was righteous...

And Cain rebelled against it and slew his brother.



DOES.GOD.CHANGE.HIS.MIND.title  LA.CA  V-18 N-4  65-0427

And they--they served God,

 both of them,

but one of them served Him wrong.



QA.HEBREWS.PART.1.title  JEFF.IN  COD  57-0925

I mean men who have the Scriptures,

who knows all the doctrine and the theologies; they can explain it, boy,

 just like [Brother Branham snaps his finger--Ed.] that,


without spiritual revelation.

That's right.

That's the doctrine of Cain.

The Bible said,

 "Woe unto them, 'cause they went the doctrine of Cain,

and run in the errors of Balaam, and perished in the gainsaying of Korah."

The same Book, Jude, he said,

"They was predestinated to this condemnation."

Certainly, they are.



WHO.IS.THIS.MELCHISEDEC.title  JEFF.IN  V-5 N-10  65-0221E

A Baptist minister a few weeks ago come up and--to my house--and said, "I'd like to straighten you out on the Godhead sometime when you got time," called me up rather.

I said, "I got time right now, 'cause I want to be straight, and we lay aside everything else to do it."

And he come up; he said,

 "Brother Branham, you teach that there is just one God."

I said, "Yes, sir."

He said, "Well," he said, "I believe there's one God, but one God in three persons."

I said,

"Sir, repeat that again."

He said,

"One God in three persons."

I said, "Where did you go to school at?" See? And he told me a--a Bible college.

I said,

"I could believe that. You cannot be a person without being a personality, and if you're a personality, you are one personality to yourself. You're a separate individual being."

And he said,

"Well, the theologians can't even explain that."

I said,

"It's by revelation."

And he said,

 "I can't accept revelation."


WHO.IS.THIS.MELCHISEDEC.title  JEFF.IN  V-5 N-10  65-0221E

 The whole Bible is the revelation of God.

 The whole church is built upon the revelation of God.

There's no other way to know God only by revelation:

 'To whom the Son will reveal Him,' revelation.

Everything is revelation.

So to--not to accept the revelation,

then you're just a cold theologian,

and there's no hope for you."




As I have said,

"Give them blood and oil and fleshly demonstrations on the platform, and they'll support it whether it's God's Word or not, whether it's Scriptural or not."

 Jesus had warned us of such things at the end time.

As I've said, in Matthew 24, two spirits very close alike,

 deceive the very elected if possible.

How can you tell them?

 Give them the Word test.

 How can you know it? Speak the Word;

 see what they say about it.

 If they don't believe the Word, they have no Seed-germ in them.

They are of the evil one and deceive you.


“I'm afraid it's over”


“Revelations 10 was the Seventh Seal”


“Door's closed, gone. Already the Book is in His hand”.


"He's here." He ain't coming; he's already here; he's done conquered”.


“There’s no more intercession; the Sacrifice has left; it's a judgment seat”.


 “There's no Blood on it no more, for the Blood covered Lamb has walked away”.




True predestinated believers

will stay with the Word because they are

part of that Word.




Blessed are they that do

hunger and thirst



for they shall be filled.




SEED.NOT.HEIR.WITH.SHUCK.title  JEFF.IN  V-6 N-4  65-0218

And I say that there is a

elected church somewhere in this world that's pulled out


and set aside from those things.

And the manifestation of God

has attracted its attention.

“There He is with them Angels”


God can't give a first revelation, then a second revelation.

 If He did, He would be changing His mind.

 He can give a revelation and then add to it,

 as He did in the Garden of Eden when He promised the Seed to the woman, and then later designated that Seed had to come through Abraham, and then later said it would come by the same blood lines in David.

 But it was the same revelation.

 It only gave the people more information to help them receive and understand it.

 But God's Word can't change



QA.HEBREWS.PART.1.title  JEFF.IN  COD  57-0925

Cain worshipped;

he wasn't an infidel; he wasn't a communist.

Cain was a believer;

 he went to God; he built an altar.

He done every religious thing that Abel done, but he didn't have the spiritual revelation of the will of God. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. There you are.

Do you see it?

He didn't have the spiritual revelation,

 and that's what's the matter with the church today.

 And Jesus said He'd build His church on that spiritual revelation.

You get it?




God's enemy, the devil,

to try to destroy that Seed all the way down.

 The first thing,

when the righteous son was born, Abel,


the unrighteous was born, Cain,

first, he slew Abel thinking he was getting that righteous Seed.


[READ ROMANS 9:11-13]


SEAL.OF.GOD.title  LONG.BEACH.CA  61-0216

Cain slew Abel.




"The world won't see Me, but you will,"

 See? "

Cain won't see Me, but you will, Abel."

You see?

 Because it's the--it's the same thing.


There He is with them Angels



DOES.GOD.CHANGE.HIS.MIND.title  JEFF.IN  V-5 N-9  65-0418E


And it's always caused the natural to hate the spiritual.

It caused Cain to hate Abel;

 it caused Korah to hate Moses;

 it caused Judas to hate Jesus;

 and on and on it goes.

It causes the natural to hate the spiritual,

just as Cain at the beginning hated Abel,

 the one that God received the sacrifice from, and tries to destroy them.


They try to destroy the influence;

they try to destroy everything,

 because it's nothing but jealousy.

 It started in Cain and proved that it was jealousy,

and it's still the same thing today

when the natural, the carnal, and the spiritual meet together.



DOES.GOD.CHANGE.HIS.MIND.title  LA.CA  V-18 N-4  65-0427


 the natural always tries, since Cain destroyed Abel,

 the natural has always tried to destroy

the effects

 of the spiritual.

We find it the same thing today, the very same thing today.

 It proves that it comes from Satan,

because it's jealousy and impersonation of Truth.



QA.HEBREWS.PART.1.title  JEFF.IN  COD  57-0925

  What was Balaam?

 He was a bishop. He was over all the church. He got up there just as fundamental as he could be. He offered... Look there at him standing up there in the celebrity, standing up there in their great celebrity.

And they wasn't infidels; they were believers.



And here come a bunch of holy-rollers up, the other group,


a little old bunch that was undenomination, interdenominationals.

 And they done everything

there was on the map to be done bad too.

 But what it was,

they had the spiritual revelation,

 and God was with them in a Pillar of Fire.

Oh, I--I know they had carnal things,

 and the people said,

"Such a bunch of backwash as that, nothing to do but kick them out."

But they had the

spiritual revelation,

and they had a smitten Rock;

 they had a brass serpent;

they had a Pillar of Fire going with them.





If this guy's got a gift of Divine healing,

 go down and heal this one here.

 Let--let me see it.

 I'll believe it.

 Let me see."

 You know,

churches put out that kind of a propaganda.



QA.HEBREWS.PART.1.title  JEFF.IN  COD  57-0925

   We'll not let that


get mixed up in our fine denomination."


a) The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

b) Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause:


SOULS.IN.PRISON.NOW.title  JEFF.IN.  V-2 N-22  63-1110M
And notice,
when the Third Pull of His ministry come,
 the First was healing the sick,
 the Second was rebuking their organizations and prophesying what they had done, what they were, and what was coming:
 what is, what will come, what was--what is and will come.
 That's what He done.
Is that right?
But His
Third Pull was when He preached to the lost that couldn't be saved no more.



   We'll not let that propaganda get mixed up in our fine denomination."


The First Pull, healing; Second Pull, prophesying;

Third Pull, the opening of the Word,

the mysteries revealed.



That was that first and second pull. Now, the third came from the west sweeping forward with great terrific speed, and they picked me up. That was coming back east with the mystery of these Seven Seals, just like it said in--in Junior Jackson's dream that the Lord let me interpret for him there.
On the inside of that pyramid, there was white stone that wasn't written on.
 That's the reason I had to go west to connect with these Angel's message to come back here to
reveal it to the church.
You remember,
 I said,
"The next things that happen will be here at
the church."



BREACH.THE.title  JEFF.IN  63-0317E

And He took the Book


opened the Book, and tore off the Seals, and sent it down to the earth to

His seventh angel

to reveal it to

=>His people.<=



“returned back to the east with the Holy Spirit interpreting this unwritten Word”.



I JOHN 3:12

  12    Not as Cain, [who] was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous.



“Cain won't see Me, but you will, Abel."



QA.ON.THE.SEALS.title  JEFF.IN  63-0324M

  What is these Seals?

Their attention's,

"What is it?"

 Night by night when I come in here there's such a tension, till I have to talk about something else to kinda get--get it quietened (You see?), and


the Holy Spirit breaks forth the Seal.


“returned back to the east with the Holy Spirit interpreting this unwritten Word”.



QA.ON.THE.SEALS.title  JEFF.IN  63-0324M

 But let me say this (See?), that you--you don't--you don't get it (See?),


you're not supposed to get it.

 So don't try to interpret anything.


 Don't try to put your interpretation to it.



QA.ON.THE.SEALS.title  JEFF.IN  63-0324M

It's the grace of God that lets me know that what it is.

It's something that's tremendous,

and it's gone right now, and there's not a way in the world for you to see it,

and it's a--I...

But so help me, with this Bible in my hand, I know what it is.



QA.ON.THE.SEALS.title  JEFF.IN  63-0324M

And so, but if the

--the church


not supposed to know these things,

so don't put no interpretation to anything.



“Cain won't see Me, but you will, Abel."




But the Bible said, and told Daniel and also John,

"That in the last days these seven voices would be known by the

real true Church."




  They'd never know it.

They were predestinated to disbelieve the Word.

You believe that?


“Third Pull, the opening of the Word”.


Jude said so.

 "Men of old, foreordained to this condemnation,"

 to rise up in the

last days

to disbelieve God's Word.

 How many knows that's the Scripture?

 Sure, foreordained of God to be unbelievers.

 What a pitiful shape.


There He is with them Angels



DOES.GOD.CHANGE.HIS.MIND.title  LA.CA  V-18 N-4  65-0427

I think that's what Abel had at the beginning:

 a spiritual revelation

that it wasn't the fruit of the field, or the works of our hands, or so forth. It was blood. And he offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than--than Cain did.

We find in Abraham and Lot, the same thing in a choice, because Lot went down, when the time come, when the spiritual and the--and the natural church come in a clash, because of the herdsmen.

 They had to separate one for another.

And whenever this does, it sets up a jealousy.

We find out that Abel, be--because God had received him, and He did not receive Cain's beautiful big offering he had toiled so hard for, and was religious, and bowed down and worshipped, and so forth, done everything that Abel did,

 only he didn't have the revelation of what was the truth.

 So we find out that when God accepted Abel's revelation and his offering,

 it made Cain get jealous of Abel.

And there was the first murder.



Oh, little flock, do not fear. This age is fast closing.

 As it does those tares will be bound together, and as a three-fold cord is not easily broken, they will have a tremendous three-fold strength of political, physical, and spiritual (Satanical) power, and they will seek to destroy the bride of Christ. She will suffer, but she will endure.

 Fear not those things that are coming upon the earth, for He "Who loved His own, loveth them unto the end." John 13:1.




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