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"And they shall look upon Me Whom they have pierced.”

INDICTMENT.THE.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-19  63-0707

  Now, and Christ is God's provided Lamb.

 Notice how appropriate it was now, showing that that Jerusalem had-

è-was ceasing. ç


 It was in effect until that hour;

 the blood of the lamb was all right until that day.

 But now,

èat the crucifixion it changes. ç

The old system is done.

There was a new one,

and the

--the Lamb was at the sacrifice.

The Lamb, the sacrificial Lamb,

was on the grounds.

They were condemning and doing the very thing there that they had to do.

 That's right.

God be blessed for seeing this wonderful, heavenly Light in this last day,


the churches is doing the same thing today.

LUKE 21:24

24    And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.




And to my honest belief, I believe

He's finishing up right now with the Gentiles,

and will turn to the Jews right away.

 And the Gentiles will be left in their dogmas and the things that they got,

 and their creeds, and cold, formal denominations.

And the Church will be raptured and took up.

And the Gospel will go to the Jews.


"Amen" means "so be it."

All right.



INDICTMENT.THE.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-19  63-0707

"It's fanaticism; stay away from it."

In doing so,

they crucified Jesus Christ in 1963,

and are just as guilty as those guys at the--at that day. That's an awful statement, but it's the truth.



INDICTMENT.THE.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-19  63-0707

That's exactly what they do today.

And upon this grounds,

upon the grounds of crucifying Christ,

upon the grounds of taking the Word,

and taking It away from the people,

is exactly what they were doing there.



(“The Lamb, the sacrificial Lamb, was on the grounds.”)


INDICTMENT.THE.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-19  63-0707

 Because the love of their church groups and things like that,

 they condemned the Prince of Life.


And I condemn the same group today and indict them as guilty before the-

-God, by the Word of God,

that they're doing the same thing.


This generation is indicted.



REPROACH.FOR.THE.WORD.title  JEFF.IN  V-2 N-16  62-1223

Jesus said,

 "You hypocrites,"


"you build the tombs of the prophets,

and you're the one that put them in there.

 They come with the Word of God, and you didn't believe them.

 You're guilty of every one of them."

At Phoenix, God willing, I hit a word the other day.

 I'm going to indict this generation for killing Jesus Christ,

crucifying Him afresh.

I'm going to bring an indictment before that

 ministerial association,

God willing.

They're guilty of the Blood of Jesus Christ for crucifying Him afresh.

 Yes, sir. Indict the whole...

Peter indicted them on the day of Pentecost, said,

"You with wicked hands have crucified the Prince of Life, Who God raised up;

 we're witnesses."

He brought an indictment.

I'm going to take the Word of God,

indict every denomination there is,

 and every man on the face of the earth that's guilty of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

 God help me to be His attorney at that day.


(“They [THE GENTILES] crucified Jesus Christ in 1963”)



INDICTMENT.THE.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-19  63-0707

The Lamb, the sacrificial Lamb,

was on the grounds.

They were condemning and doing the very thing there that they had to do.

 That's right.

God be blessed for seeing this wonderful, heavenly Light in this last day,

 Because the churches is doing the same thing today.


(“Just as guilty as those guys at the--at that day.”)



TRIAL.A.title  LOUISVILLE.MS  64-0405

I went down then to baptize a bunch of people on the river. When I was baptizing there, where about five thousand people standing on the bank, right in the middle of the day, two o'clock in the afternoon, hot, they hadn't had a rain for a week or two, and standing on the bank,

 here come that Pillar of Fire whirling out of the air,

coming down where I was standing, and a voice saying,

"As John the Baptist was sent and to forerun the first coming of Christ, your message will forerun the second coming of Christ."

The newspapers packed it, and it swept into Canada on the Associated Press, around the world,

 "A local minister, Baptist minister, baptizing..." and said,

 "a mystic Light appears over him,"

 the very one that they caught the picture of here, and done it in Germany, and everywhere. And it's done...

My pastor said to me;

 he said,

 "Billy, what kind of a dream did you have?

Why, you know you didn't see it."

I said,

"There were hundreds standing there, witnessed it."

And they...?... said,

"Aw, that's a mental delusion."

 Tried his best.

That's old man Unbelief, and Mr. Skeptic.

 I held straight to the Word.

Stayed there, because I knowed it was God's promise.



1965> (“But now it's history. It's passed. The promise is fulfilled”) <1965

Malachi 4; Was on the grounds.

Luke 17:30; Was on the grounds.

Hebrews 13:8; Was on the grounds.

 St. John 14:12; Was on the grounds.

 Revelation 10:7: Was on the grounds.


(“He's finishing up right now with the Gentiles.”)




  Now, notice,

but the age is coming

when the Gentiles will be done with.

There was a tree, and the roots was Jewish, and it was cut off, and the Gentile was grafted in the wild olive tree, and it's bringing forth its fruit.

 Now, when that Gentile Bride is cut off (that Bride tree I talked about) and is taken up in the Presence of God,

 God will wipe off them

unbelieving Gentiles over here to the side,

the sleeping virgin, and graft again.

He promised to do it.



RECOGNIZING.YOUR.DAY.title  JEFF.IN  V-5 N-1  64-0726M


 in the homeland waiting for the feast of the trumpets,


 The recognizing of the Atonement,


 to wait for the coming,

 to mourn for their rejection of the first time that they rejected it; they're in the homeland for that, waiting where they all...

è Everything is positionally placed. ç

As a minister of the Gospel I can't see one thing left but the going of the Bride.

And the

Bride has to be taken away

before they could recognize what's happened.


(“Everything is positionally placed.”)



FUTURE.HOME.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-5  64-0802

  Where are we friends? Where are we?

è Just waitingç

 now to get out of the way so Revelations 11 can be made to-

-known to the Jews.



MARK.OF.CHRIST.title  LA.CA  55-0312

The Israel, the Jew is ready to be sealed right now.

Their setting in Jerusalem right now.

èThey're waitingç

for somebody to come and prove to them that

Jesus is the Christ.

That's right.

 You can't teach them some kind of a dry eyed theology;

 the Jews seek signs and they got to find a sign working ministry,

or they won't believe it.

The Stockholm Church sent a million Bibles to them. They turned over, and begin to read, and said, "If this Jesus of Nazareth be the Messiah, let us see Him do the sign of a prophet, and we'll believe Him."

èWaiting for the hour... ç




  When you see her begin to come to her homeland...

 They've got enough in there now to make that about a 144,000.

And what's happening?

 They'll know their Joseph. Don't you worry.

Yes, sir.

 And they're all standing there

èwaiting for it to happen. ç



SEVENTY.WEEKS.OF.DANIEL.title  JEFF.IN  DA 89-141  61-0806


èthere they set waiting. ç

The Gentile church is in the Laodicean--end of the Laodicean age.

If the Jews are in their homeland,

already there,

 and the Gentile apostasy has already taken place,


we have a President like we have,

we have a nation that's broke up like we have,

 we have atomic bombs hanging in the hangers,

 we have a church that's lukewarm,

we have a church of people that's pulled theirselves together,

we have a ministry that patterns the ministry of Jesus Christ for to catch the Stone when He comes,

what's left to happen?



RECOGNIZING.YOUR.DAY.title  JEFF.IN  V-5 N-1  64-0726M


 in the homeland

waiting for the trumpets.



for the going of there Bride

so that Revelation 11 can be fulfilled.

 The church age has ceased.

 The Seals has been opened that prove what they left out in the church age.

And the Message has been given.

 Israel is on the scene


 ready for the feast of trumpets.



"And what will be the sign of the end of the world?"

When you see these Jews...


Jews at the wall

(“There's a handwriting on the wall.”)




I'm fixing to give you the greatest sign that you ever heard of.

And one of the things that I'll show you, the revival that's just about to break. Gentiles, listen to me.

Jews, you listen too, just a moment.

Don't be weary,


 Your time's at hand.

One of the great signs,

and always has been in the Bible,

watch where the Jews are.

You see where the Jews are.

If you want to know what day of the week it is, look on the calendar.

 If you want to know what day you're living in,

 the greatest sign God ever give,

watch the Jews.



IS.THIS.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR.title  JEFF  V-2 N-11  62-1230E

No prophet, no apostle, never in no time, ever lived in such a time as we live now.

èThis is the end. ç

It's written in the skies.

It's written over the face of the earth.

 It's written in every newspaper.

This is the end,

èIf you can read the handwriting. ç


IS.THIS.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR.title  JEFF  V-2 N-11  62-1230E

The prophets lived in the time when the handwriting was on the wall for a nation,

but we're living when the handwriting is on the wall for time.

All nations, earth, everything, time is at the end.

So we must search the Scriptures to find the hour that we are living.


LUKE 21:24

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.




What's happened?

There's a handwriting on the wall.

The Russians put up a sputnik that we can control nothing about it, five hundred miles off of the earth; and could put a half a dozen of them over the United States in the next thirty minutes, and call in and say,

"Surrender, or be a bunch of ashes in a few minutes."

 They can do it.

 There isn't nothing that we can do to stop them.

It's in their hands of bloodless, heartless, ungodly communists.


1965 è (“We are busted in this nation, just about.”) ç1965

? - 2008 -?

 That's what God uses to make sin come to light.

 Certainly is.

 If you'll read the Bible, Russia's got to do that according to Revelations.

All right, you prophecy teachers might different from that, but just wait till it's over.

Russia is put here for that very purpose.

The Bible said so.


“Watch Russia, the king of the north.”

“Watch Russia, king of the north.”

Watch Russia, king of the north"



GOD.CALLED.MAN.title  JEFF.IN  V-2 N-27  58-1005E

The Gentiles had two thousand years of churchology.

But now the end of the Gentile dispensation is here,



(the Communists)

has a bomb pointed right towards it to end it too.

 Don't worry, it's coming.

The Bible said so.

 It'll be here with your name wrote on it.

 It'll go into powder in one second's time, the whole nation.

It'll be completely annihilation.




What you going to do about it?

All because

we have

failed to see

this handwriting on the wall,


èthe coming of the Lord Jesus Christ... ç



CALLED.OUT.title  CHICAGO.IL  58-0109

  The natural will never will able to interpret the supernatural;

neither could the magicians and the astrologers ever read the

handwriting on the wall.

It took the Spirit-filled man to do so.



RECOGNIZING.YOUR.DAY.title  JEFF.IN  V-5 N-1  64-0726M

And there come John the Baptist.

Because he rejected their seminaries, because he did contrary to what their fathers has taught... He came out of the wilderness without education. He came out without his collar turned around, as it would be said today. He come out without a big bunch of theology; but he come knowing by the promise of God that he was to announce the Messiah. He said,

"He's standing in your midst now."

And they thought he was crazy because he didn't come from their schools.

 The handwriting was on the wall,

and they didn't know it.




Some man said to me a few days ago; he said,

"You mean, Mr. Branham..."

 After I'd preached on the handwriting at the wall, and the sputnik in the sky,

he said,

 "Do you mean, that you believe this world would be destroyed?

 How can it be?"

I said,

"The same Word that spoke it into existence,

will speak it out of existence."

It's by the Word of God that it is so.




  And I believe that all these things has a time of lingering,


but it's waiting for

 a time for the Scripture to be fulfilled,

till everything gets right,

everything in order,


Many times we get patient--impatient.

Like a child, we great--get great anticipations and many times jump way ahead,

and that--that just hinders the work, until the work gets caught up.



WORLD.AGAIN.FALLING.APART.title  SHP.LA  V-17 N-4  63-1127

The Church will remain a while

(That's right.)


'cause it has to preach to the eternal lost, just as every ministry did, coming down through the age.

 The last part of every ministry preached to the eternal lost.

 And there'll be a ministry now that'll preach to the eternal lost


they have refused to receive it.



INDICTMENT.THE.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-19  63-0707

And the day that the denomination crucified the Word of God


accepted a creed in the stead of the Word,

 that's the day the Word come into full effect.

That's just been recently.



CHRIST.IS.THE.MYSTERY.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-7  63-0728


if the Church only knew its position.

It will one day.




  Now, we couldn't come with Luther's message, neither with Wesley,

neither with the Pentecostal message.

We're plumb beyond that.





  You let the Holy Spirit,

He's the prophet of the day.

 Let Him come into your heart right now and if you examine with the Word of God and the doubts about the message will be all dissolved.


He dissolves all the doubts.

You find out,

 it's exactly on the Word for this day.

You cannot preach Luther's message today. It goes in it; but that's the feet.

Cannot preach Wesley, cannot preach Pentecostal!

We're plumb beyond that.

They denominated and died.


 (“Oh, if the Church only knew its position. It will one day.”)



BREACH.THE.title  JEFF.IN  63-0317E

The Church has been raptured.




I believe the church is elected.


By God's foreknowledge it's predestinated to, because He predestinated by foreknowledge.

You see?

 That church is going to be there.

Now, whether I am or not, I don't know.

 I have to work out my salvation.

But--but I know the church is going to be there.

 That's right.

 I just hope I'm part of it.

And I believe,

as long as I'm part of it,

I'll be there with it.

That's where my hope rests,

right there.


(“The Church has been raptured.”)



WHY.title  S.GATE.CA  62-0622E


I know that's a ticklish subject.

And remember, there's a truth to it.

 I don't believe it in the line that many does, but I believe that there is:

 by foreknowledge God could tell the end from the beginning, 'cause He's the infinite God.

Now, whether I'm part of that church

(I hope I am.),

I'm just seeking out my own salvation with fear and trembling,

èstaying right in the Word. ç



PROVING.HIS.WORD.title  JEFF.IN  V-9 N-6  64-0816

That's all you need today.

It's not a credential from some church.

 You don't need a denomination to back you up.

You need the Word to take the rapture with It.




So see,

 you get into a trend like Luther on justification.

That's what he knowed; that's all.

They was satisfied, and went right down,

 ended their doctrine.

 Here come Wesley with sanctification: went right on past it.

Then he organized.

Along come Pentecost with the restoration of the gifts, and they organized.

And God moves right on,

right straight on,

all the time




It's--it's--it's on,

the move is on for the Bride.

That's the Truth.





SEVENTY.WEEKS.OF.DANIEL.title  JEFF.IN  DA 89-141  61-0806

The Jews are in a homeland.

We're at the end of the age,

ready for the rapture.



RISING.OF.THE.SUN.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-12  65-0418M

And God knows.


 He's got a predestinated foreordained church.

 He knowed He's got sons and daughters


a Bride waiting somewhere;



RAPTURE.THE.title  YUMA.AZ  V-5 N-14  65-1204

It's revealed to her,

that the revelation,

the true Bride of Christ

will be


for that

revelation of the rapture.


(“Oh, if the Church only knew its position. It will one day.”)



FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS.title  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-16  64-0719M

She’s taken up;


that mystery

of the Seventh Seal.




And if everything is setting just exactly


 the way it's supposed to be in the natural, then how can you dismiss it from your mind that the spiritual isn't here at the same time? Both settings is on the scene.

Yeah. Everybody agrees the natural is right.

 But oh,

 in the spiritual,

they don't want to believe it,

because it interferes with their doctrine.



GOD.OF.THIS.EVIL.AGE.title  JEFF.IN  V-4 N-9  65-0801M

She has been given and revealed to Her

the Seven Sealed mysteries of the Bible.


EVENING.MESSENGER.title  MESA.AZ  V-8 N-5  63-0116

   Why, it's one of the greatest signs that we could think of right now:

Israel in her homeland.

 And Jesus said,

 "This generation that sees Israel go back to her homeland shall not pass until all has been fulfilled."


He spoke of this day.


(“This is the end, if you can read the handwriting.”)




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